Long Live Georgian Spirit🔥

​Family beyond blood”……:-Indomitable spirit of Georgians

Long Live Georgian Spirit |CaffeineKandy|

Tender age of 10 and rising early morning for PT and getting dressed up the most annoying task. Initial days of running puffing and panting for breath , being jostled by seniors and threatening words of “fallin” instilling the sense of fortitude.  Getting late for breakfast and getting the order of fallin after lunch from those dreaded lot of seniors ( Duty cadet ) Meanwhile the classes hours the most difficult moments to endure with the feeling of fallin after lunch. But the best part was the camaraderieship of classmates giving a sigh of relief that yes they r there to accompany us…..lol!! Meanwhile the whole class having a nap while the teacher enters the class. Now comes the most awaiting moment , for the mistake committed in the morning and enduring the punishment and whack on the backside , (poignant for being in the school). Uttimes sleeping in the dormitory during classes hours and getting caught by seniors. Sometimes coming out of mess with half stomach because of the stringent rule of not sitting after grace. Jumping the walls to go for the night show missing the roll call. Midnight going to station to have Maggie and the moments of fun in the way.

Today sharing these anecdotes have remained confined only to the extent of phone calls. Those words of seniors of not getting such people beyond these 4 walls today seems to b  right. 😊

In those days we compromised with the love and care of our parents which was well compensated by those pals we got for life.
Hope to meet all of them very soon with everyone achieving success in their chosen calling. 💐       Long Live the Georgian Spirit! 

Courtesy: Georgian Bhavesh



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